Types of Sealing Machines

Types of Sealing Machines

When looking for the best bag sealer that suits your preferences, you will note that they come in two distinct categories. There is impulse sealers and direct heat sealers. The option you will choose will solely depend on the nature of the bag you are using for sealing.

Direct Heat Sealer

This is a type of sealer that uses constant heat to seal the plastic bag. Direct heat sealing is more suitable for sealing materials that are relatively thicker. Most of the materials that are used in this process include poly cello films, gusset bags, cellophane, mylar, coated kraft papers and other thicker materials. Direct heating machines are usually hot, and extra caution should be taken when handling to prevent burns.

Impulse Sealers

This type of sealers uses impulses of electricity to heat up the sealing bag quickly. Once it seals the product, the impulse seal quickly cools to be ready for the next cycle. There are different types of these sealers, and the chance of getting burned is very minimal compared to direct heating. Thermoplastic materials are commonly used when using impulse machines. Other materials include the polypropylene and polyethylene. You can also use bags such as pilofilm, foil, padded mailers, kel-f, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane among others.
Both the impulse and direct heat sealers come in different sizes and designs depending on the primary usage, volume and the size of the bags. Here are the most common types of sealers:

• Hand Sealers

These are sealers that resemble the L-bar machines and are portable. These sealers use impulse sealing technology and come in various sizes. You can carry them around and can handle bags of up to 10 mil thickness.

• Foot sealer

These are sealers that are meant for the continuous sealing process, and some parts need to be done manually especially when positioning bags. They usually have a food pedal that is connected to the sealing bar. When pressed, the sealing bar comes done, and the product is sealing. A foot sealer can utilize either direct heat or impulse sealing depending on what you are handling.

• Double impulse sealer

This is a good sealer that has two sealing bars, one at the bottom and the other at the top. This sealer can seal a bag of up to 20-mil in thickness and is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

• Sealer w/cutter

This is a type of sealer that can quickly seal a product and cut off the excess plastic in a single process.

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