Comparison between tin cans and PET bottles

For beverage and food products packaging, industries and individuals usually use tin or PET bottles. Tin cans are made using the can making machine while the plastic bottles are made using PET blow molding machine. The common similarity is that both these products can be used to carry liquids, but the difference comes in the production process and the effects on health and the environment.

Production process

The tin can making machine production line usually involves a series of process. First, is making the body part, this can be through slitting or shearing the plate to make blanks that are used for body making. Then the lid is made and the bottom plate. The blanks are then subjected into the can body making machine that is automatic to produce the desired body. After that, top curling and necking are done before flanging and seaming process. Depending on the can making machines, these processes can be integrated into one.

On the other hand, making PET bottles also involves a series of process. Different machines can be used in this case. This includes stretch blow molding machine, injection molding machine, and extruding molding machine. You can choose one of the machines depending on the size and nature of the bottle you want to make. For instance, in stretch molding, the parison is blown using pressurized air and stretch to form a container with the desired shape.


The sizes

The amount standard plastic bottle can hold is 20 oz while most cans hold about 12 oz. on the other hand, most PET bottles can provide about 2.5 servings while the cans only offer one serving. Products like coca cola are usually available in both bottles and cans. Most of the larger servings are of cans because once you have sealed it, you cannot reseal it.  

Advantages of tin cans

Metal cans don not have bisphenol-A component that is usually found in plastics. This compound has a health risk, and sometimes it can cause cancer. Although most consumers claim they the plastic bottles are safe, BPA compound is usually present. However, some manufacturers remove generally BPA in their containers before using them.


Advantages of PET bottles

A PET bottle is made up of long chain molecules that are less reactive and has a high melting point. These bottles are usually clear and are good when you want to display your products to the consumers. They also add no strange taste to the product and are portable.


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